Thursday, June 05, 2008

my PrincE... Mr.Charming :o]

Who doesn't have an idea in their mind or a picture of what their perfect mate would be like? Actually meeting them isn't really important, thats only for the very lucky...
Nonetheless we all have an idea... maybe even a list [secret] of qualities we would like our prospective partner should have... or at least partly have... or have the potential of having... wordplay, I love it...!

I too have a list...wanna see? Don't judge me!
My perfect guy should be the following :
1.] Male [I mean, all man! You recall the saying...I like my men to be men? yes well, thats what I mean.]must also be taller than me even if only by an inch.
2.] older to me [and I don't mean elderly... I don't go for older men. I mean just older enough, to be at the same level or higher up in terms of maturity than me.]
3.] College educated with a proper degree [I need some kind of financial stability, Yes my money will be our money but his money should also contribute towards our money getting me?]
4.] Normal looking. No major bodily shocks.
5.] Must have a valid driver's license.[I find driving]
6.] Must not be a sissy.
7.] or a Mamma's boy.
8.] Must like reading and books and stories.
9.] Must not prohibit me from pursuing things which are not harmful.
10.] Must be able to calm me down when I'm in a rage.[ meaning he must not fly into a rage himself,not while I'm still pissed.]
11.] Must have a sense of adventure.
12.] and maybe a body piercing, nothing shocking, a ear will do.
13.] Not color blind.
14.] must have good hands.literally and figuratively.
16.] Must like movies enough to sit through them and maybe discuss them later.
17.] Non smoker, occasional consumption of alchohol, 150ml/week as is found out to be beneficial for the heart.
18.] Must not be a goody-goody.
19.] Must love my craziness.
20.] Must be appreciative.
21.] Must get me flowers when the pocket doesn't protest.
22.] Must indulge my love for coffee.
23.] Must take my demand for a bathtub as a wedding present seriously.
24.] Must faithfully read what I write. even of no one else does.
25.] Must listen to me when he is ill and take his meds on time. Must trust my opinion as a Doctor and not 2nd guess me unless I'm 2nd guessing myself.

.... A lot to ask isn't it?? But I'm lucky lucky and so spoilt. My man spoils me so and pampers me so... And he fulfills approximately 95% of the list... hell at time even the whole list!!!

5 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:


Hmm.. That was along list.
Best wishes.
And congrats too.
keep on writing.
me too have a new post.
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Anonymous said...

hhmm...that was a good,honest,long list..but it's going to fetch you good money if you give a matrimonial ad..ha ha..or else you can just give a link to this post.. :)

sawan said...

awwe u listed it after finding the guy :)

Himanshu said...

Just an observation, if Point No. 5 is met, then Point No. 13 would be met automatically, thus making it redundant. So, 1 less point for the man of your dreams to pursue :)

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

@Sawan : HEHE...u caught me!

@Himanshu : Ahhhhh...ur right! But i figured, one more point is better than one less yeah?