Saturday, October 20, 2007

does being romantically comitted at 17 make sense?

Said a wise man...Being romantically comitted at 17yrs of age doesnt make sense : Doesnt it though? why not? my mom was married wen she was 16,as she keeps reminding me ;) but that was 'marriage',i wonder how teens would define 'commitment'...i really do..cos we all have different opinions regarding what 'we' think is comittment. for Europe ,most married men have a mistress, but they're still 'comitted'...cos theyre wives r usually aware of the scenario...and dont fight it.they are in fact,by their own admission,'happily married"!... In India...the of dok saabs times[hehe...kiddin ;o)i meant waaaay before eg:mughal times] i doubt there was a thing called 'open relationship'.yes,the "big" ppl did have affairs,whole harems full of concubines in fact..but even that was not considered infidelity..just routine...women understood the inherent promiscuity of men and well...indulged divorce,separation etc. today...commitment...had to define.for the teens who lemme say that by commitment i mean a mutual agreement made out of intense affection, not to be um...shall we say another person for the duration of the current relationship. u c? no promises of permanence. so...why not?why not 'commit'?this is do-able.the teen fulfills his/her emotional,physical,mental,intellectual,n blah watever needs without the burden of marriage...and in laws and kids [no offense,i was a kid once,an unholy terror] added to this is the fact that if u not part of a couple ur uncool. who needs the added peer pressures? kids today have enough to deal with...isnt it awesome that they have someone to help them out and someone who needs them in turn? is a steady relationship at 17yrs bad o is a snorting dope at a night club st the same age,alone n single bad? u choose. kids today are v. mature...mostly cos of the explosive increase in exposure. so wat if sex ed is banned? u think kids today r not savvy enough to find out whats going on with their bodies? have the govt. heard of a lil thing called GOOGLE perchance? no promises of permanence. such is the case with life. n with marriages today as well. v dont match after 10yrs of marriage lets divorce. fine. to each his own mode of attaining joy. heck u get one life...b happy. just dont hurt anyone. commitment today at 17? understandable. todays kids...v.v.sad. having a partner...always nice. love? also always nice. but a warning...know when the relationship is harming u/partner...have the wisdom then to reach a civilized closure. another mutual understanding.

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