Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stuff I truly believe with all my heart and soul

There a few things I am a strongly believe in. As often as possible I do them, and I'll keep doing them consciously till they become a way of life :-)
... I believe ... :

- We must be kind....regardless of whether we recieve it back or not
-We must be polite...regardless of whether the person we're talking to is or not
-We must help others...regardless of whether they help us back or not
-We must work for the greater good...for helping those who no one else wants to, for healing hurts, for reducing sorrow, for enriching the lives of others,for doing good stuff :-)
-We must pursue knowledge or how to better ourselves, our mental and spiritual reserves, for doing more God's work
-The truly wise, don't go about flaunting their wisdom.Nor do they make others feel inadequate.
-True wisdom comes with time, not by listening to lectures.
-True wisdom is never derived
-True wisdom needs no master,just an open mind
-True wisdom means knowing we know nothing
-True wisdom preaches not
-God is in us. Yes even in our bosses, whether we see it or not
-Everyone's good.
-God is in the little things. the sun the moon the rain the birds the kindnesses the compassion...the flowers dancing the stars twinkling
-Happiness lies in the small little things. someone calling to ask how you're doing...someone showing they care...the rain tapping on the window, a perfect cup of tea, a patient getting better, a baby laughing :)
-Show you care.Everyone in the world is having a hard time.Show then that you're there.
-Words matter...No one's a mind reader. The right words have the power to make or break a person. To make someone climb down the ledge or jump off it.
-Love deeply
-Be generous.
-don't let those younger to you pay!
-Show some compassion...any and everyone needs it
-Give everyone respect, regardless of whether you think they deserve it or not
-Don't shout at anyone, it is demeaning and painful
-Read a lot...about anything you're interested in.
-Lend a helping hand
-Stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.
-Never put another person's likes/dislikes/hopes/dreams down.
-Never act like you're better than matter who you are, you're not.
-Be fair
-Expect nothing
-Just do,just give
-Take joy in other's smiles
-Never let anyone cry alone, regardless of what they say
-It's not by how many cars you have or expensive perfumes you own or branded clothes you wear that you matter. Thats just temporary...what matters is who did you help? Who did you go out of your way for? Did you help someone who you know cannot help you back? In anyway ? Mark of a person is his/her character. His/her habits.His/her compassion for the less fortunate.
-Don't boast about other's accomplishments as if they were you're own...its sad
-Be kind to animals
-Be extra nice to old people. They usually feel redundant.

Thats it for now folks.

6 lost souls found themselves in my mirror....:

laddu said...

oh wow.. so u really try 2 follow these things ?? these r practically not possible in today's world..

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

nothings impossible and i do try...i dont always succeed but the trying doesn't stop!!
You have to make of urself what u want the world to be right?

Pesto Sauce said...

Its tough to follow all of them, its real tough to be a good human being

Anonymous said...

I loved them all.

With due respect,I wanted to take permission,if I may print it,in order to post it on every nook and corner of my room.Because,this is just amazing.

Much love.

Zeba said...

Woah. Didn't expect anything less from you. :) but. It's been so long since you last posted... :-(

Of Prisms and Lives said...

Wow . Truly enlightening . I 'll put this on my to-do list . Thanx lady .